Passionate Paws Treats
Homemade Dog Treats
~ From my Kitchen ~

Simple homemade treats that are healthy for your dog, hand baked in my kitchen with love.  Quality meats are oven-roasted for flavor, combined with homemade stock and other natural ingredients using personalized recipes, then baked fresh to fill your order.  So tasty your dog will be begging for more! For medium and large dogs feed the whole piece. For small dogs break in half on the perforated line. For the older dog I recommend the chicken which is made with brown rice  flour. Rice flour is very light which makes for a softer treat. Packed in foil bags to ensure freshness.

Common ingredients include:
* real meat (chicken, beef, liver or bacon)
homemade broth
   (chicken, beef, or liver, seasonal vegetables)
* oatmeal
* flax seed
* olive oil

Ingredients never used in Passionate Paws Treats:

* no wheat

* no corn

* no soy

* no processed broth

  1. *no preservatives or fillers

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